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Crunchy Sweet Pickles & Gourmet Relish

Farnsworth Foods invites you to try a tasty gourmet pickle snack that will definitely have you coming back for more. Savor the taste of our signature crunchy sweet pickles and gourmet relish—time-honored recipes that are considered a family treasure. One taste and you are hooked (people horde them - no sharing)!

Farnsworth Foods

English Cream Sauce

Our English Cream Sauce is an essential pantry item! If you would like one condiment for meats (ham, beef tenderloin, pork, turkey), seafood (crab cakes and salmon) and vegetables (asparagus, peas, potato salad) this gourmet sauce is it. With a touch of heat, this creamy mustard sauce is ideal for a sandwich spread.

Farnsworth Foods

Genuine English Toffee - Delicious Toffee available for the Holidays

Indulge your sweet tooth with a classic, and treat yourself to some good comfort food. Reserve your order of our limited stock of genuine English toffee. You'll enjoy the buttery sweetness of this better-than-gourmet toffee slathered in semi-sweet chocolate sauce and pecans nibs.

Remoulade Sauce - Coming in January of 2014

Our fourth-generation Remoulade Sauce will be ready for the store 2014. Packed with flavor to enhance shrimp, crab cakes, rice cakes and more.